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Artist Statement:

There is no set path, just follow your heart.  This is how I approach my life and my art.  I am inspired by people and things which capture my attention and evoke in me a mood, memory, or idea.


Using bold color and positivity, I share the essence of my subject rather than its fine details with freely brushed or knifed strokes of generous portions on canvas.  My subjects are diverse, prominently featured, and familiar though often depicted in a new color story or from an uncommon perspective.  I mean this quite literally as I paint with the canvas turned upside down!


Like people, all of my paintings have a story.  I paint them with my point of view in mind, however I invite you to discover the meaning each painting holds for you.

I'd love to help you share your treasured memories in a custom art piece for your home.

Transform your treasured photo memories into a one-of-a-kind painting by Massachusetts artist Suzanne LaPierre. 


Each painting comes with a genuine, hand signed, artist statement which tells the story of your painting’s creation.  Your 100% satisfaction with the final work of art is guaranteed or your money will be returned to you.

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